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Friday, 08 February 2013 00:00
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Dear motocross fans,

Motocross Nitro GameThere are plenty of us who are hooked on motorcycles and motocross in general. We, hungry souls of this extremely dangerous set of will activities would often kill for a good game of this genre. However, unfortunately, many of these games are costly, bad and require us to have a good computer with numerous gadgets and what not. Well, luckily for all of us, unfortunate souls, there are no-cost motocross games which are more than excellent. What's more, these are all kept at a single place. Thus, if you plan to play the hell out of all these excellent games, try playing our flash motocross games now!

There are many free motocross games one can choose from. Normally, the choice depends on one's preference related to the extreme sports branch all these stem from. So, if you are a fan of a traditional motocross challenge which involves you riding a bike on a long and demanding race, speeding through the finish line as an unbeatable victory, there are more than several motocross games bound to make you smile and enjoy yourself.

On the other hand if your vision of playing online motocross game involves you putting your motocross helmet, choosing a good dirtbike and rushing over tough terrains, performing mind-blowing stunts which make motocross show crowds crazy while cameraman makes amazing motocross video, take you pick, freestyle motocross games have them all. Just choose preferred motocross gear and play moto games and be as picky as you want. There are all of them there so you are guaranteed to find one or more motocross games perfect for you and your delicate taste for two-wheeled action.

If you are a graphics freak and desire to play only the ultimately perfect of all the freestyle motocross games. Yes, FREE motocross games! There are many of these to opt for as well. Remember all you need is to click this link and get transferred to the ultimate empire of free online motocross games instantly!

All in all, regardless whether you like the music that goes with moto-cross games, or love to hop on Thor motocross bike in game, or enjoy the fury these types of games deliver, free moto games are everything you need. What's more, this interesting world of best motocross games contains all the motorcycles you could wish for, all the game mode you desire, all the game types you live for. Shortly, our motocross games website have it all. All these games, nevertheless, have a single thing they lack. It's you! So, if you think you can be the next Stefan Everts just hop on Yamaha 450 cc or Honda XR250R motorcycle, rush through whatever you desire and have an absolute blast by playing motocross bike games now!

History of Motocross

Motocross, as a form of motorcycle sport, involves riding motorcycles on a closed, off-road, circuit tracks. This sport, actually, evolved from trials, changing its name from scrambles to motocross. The name itself is a combination of “moto”, probably derived from “motor” and “cross” taken from “cross-country”.

The Genesis

If we take into consideration that motocross evolved from the above mentioned trials, the first motocross event took place somewhere between 1906 and 1909. However, these trials involved following numerous strict rules and excelling in balance, steering and many other requirements. Therefore, a different sort of sport was created by simplifying the rules and focusing on being the fastest and winning.

Motocross GameThe first race of this type resulted in a famous comment in the world of motocross, with a person describing the races as “a rare old scramble”. Since that moment, the early motocross was named scrambles.

Later on, motocross spread onto the European soil, undergoing the linguistic change from scramble into motocross. In fact, the first scramble ever known took place at Camberley, Surrey in 1924.

As the years went by, this sport was gradually becoming more and more popular and several major teams were formed, racing against each other and triggering further evolutions in motocross.

As far as the bikes used for scrambles and motocross, these were no different from the ones used in street racing. Yet, later, due to racing requirements and the rough, off-road terrains, improvements needed to be done on the devices, making them more resistant and even more powerful. Thus, rigid frames were swapped for suspensions during the 1930s. Then, later, in the 1950s, the rear suspension was introduced too. Finally, after the WW2, motocross was a craze and a passion which has spread all over the world, with BSA being the world's most powerful motorcycle company.

The Recent History of Motocross

As far as the evolution of the current motocross standards is concerned, the Japanese set the standards during the 1960s and 1970s. In fact, Suzuki claimed the first world championship at the end of 1960s, in the 250cc category, giving rise to the world-wide popularity of these bikes in days to come. However, America decided to respond to this technological challenge and by the end of 1980s, US riders started winning most of the motocross competitions.

Today, there are many variations, based on the regular motocross challenge sport. Arenacross, supercross, freestyle motocross and supermoto are just some of these. Yet, if you are interested in finding out more about motocross and the adrenalin rush that keeps people riding and participating these racing events, the best way to start exploring is by trying out some motocross games first. You can find them here.

Motocross Events

When we mention motocross, the hearts of many passionate followers of this sport start pumping in the rhythm of the ferocious, fuel-driven engines of these mean machines. Motocross is the lifestyle of many amateurs and professionals who live for participating in some of many different types of motocross events.

Most Popular Motocross Events

Braap Braap Motocross GameTwo main motocross events dominate the world-wide activities related to this sport. The first one is the FIM Grand Prix, being the world championship of motocross, most commonly taking place in Europe. However, throughout history, this competition has been organized in many countries including South Africa, Chile, Japan, the US, Australia and Indonesia, among others.

Riders who participate in the Grand Prix motocross competitions can opt for taking place in one of three classes: the MX1, the MX2 and the MX3, depending on the strength of the motorcycles they are using. Respectively, the categories go from 450cc, over 250cc to open. Each race held in this competition lasts for about 35 minutes, being two laps and 16 rounds. However, depending on the event, the duration may vary.

The second most popular motocross event is the AMA Motocross Championship, taking place in early May, lasting all the way until mid-September. It incorporates 12 rounds carried out in 12 major tracks based randomly across the US. Here, there are two main classes of motorcycles that are allowed to compete. The first one are bikes ranging from 150 to 250cc 2-stroke and 251 to 450 4-stroke ones.

Some less popular motocross competitions, being popular nevertheless, are Motocross des Nations and the British Motocross Championship. The former is also referred to as the Motocross of Nations, taking place at the end of every year. All nations participating in this motocross event are allowed to make a team consisting of three best and most representative motocross riders, bearing the name and the motocross reputation of their country. The classes are the same as in the FIM Grand Prix and the locations of the whole competition changes every year, since different countries host it annually. Regardless, British and Belgian riders are known to be the best at these events.

Finally, as far as the UK is concerned, the greatest, most popular form of motocross events is the Maxxis British Motocross Championship, having two major classes, the MX1, being a class for bikes from 251cc to 450cc and MX2 for 175cc to 250cc. Both categories are for 4-stroke bikes only.

Thus, this wide-known, incredibly popular sport has plenty of major events which allow those who believe that they are the best to show-off their skills and claim their prizes. If you desire to see how some of these competitions look like in a digital setting, emulating the real thing more than excellently, take a look at motocross games.

Who We Are And What We Do

If you were looking for some serious motocross action, you have found the best website devoted to free motocross games only. We are specialized game arcade providing you with most popular and most addicting games related to motocross, dirt bikes, stunt bikes, mini bikes, all-terrain vehicles, mini-moto, and motorbike games. We are on the constant lookout for the latest flash game hits on the world wide web. If we found the original moto game title, rest assure we will publish it and enrich our existing selection of motocross games.

Our goal is to deliver countless hours of quality gaming to you, without spending a dime! All games listed on motocross games website are free to play, and will remain free forever. There are absolutely no limitations on how much games you can play or how many times. You can stay and play for as long as you like. It's the free content, in which we believe is changing the nature of the internet.

All stunt bike, motocross and atv games have been subjected to rigorous screening process, in which we test the games on a wide variety of criteria such as playability and addictiveness. We will never present you with a bike game that is boring, only flash games that are fun, interesting, and addictive, something like bmx bike games section. Also, keep in mind that new games are added often, so be sure to bookmark our website, and come back later to have some more muddy fun!

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