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Colacao Racing Quads: Almost as Fun as the Real Thing!

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Colacao Racing Quads GameThis sweet motocross game is a blast for anyone who loves a realistic and fast-paced quad race, and really, who doesn't? Adrenaline fueled and colorful, the Coalcao Racing Quads 3D game will keep you on the edge of your seat and make your fingers cramp as you use the arrow keys to tear around corners, climb steep mountainous terrain and slash across sandy beaches.Below i am going to say few words about this particular game specially for the children.

This game is not for the faint of heart. It is actually quite difficult to play and charming too, but you'll have a smile on your face the whole time you're playing! Being a 3D game, it is also incredibly realistic, and when you splash through water during the beach circuit, your computer screen gets drenched!

There are three circuits: Mountain, Beach and Sand and they are all very dynamic and exciting. Tear around the corners and over obstacles, knocking your opponents out of the way and you'll be the Colacao Quad Racing champion!


There are other aspects too of this game. This game will seriously test your off-roading skills as you race against some tough online opponents over 5 insanely difficult levels. The sandy tracks of one particular circuit will not be easy to stay in the saddle, but if you can stick it in first position, you'll earn maximum points. Also, picking up packets of the Colacao beverage also earns you points. Make sure you steer carefully, don't over correct and you might have a chance to outwit your opponents for the win. See if you've got what it takes to smoke your ATV competition in this fun and intense race game.

Although Colacao Racing Quads and all of the Colacao games are free online, you may struggle to find a game in anything other than Spanish, since it is a game designed in Barcelona Spain and is associated with a hot chocolate beverage popular with kids in Spain, but don't let that effect how much fun you'll have actually playing! And all of us gamers love racing. It allows the young, old and everyone in between the opportunity to pick up major speed and experience nearly real life stunts. All of the Colacao racing games are exceptional in their 3D resolution and you'll feel like you're right there racing that BMX bike, cart or quad. With the realistic cheering from the audience, you'll feel it when you crash and biff it hard or leave the rest of your components in the dust!

There's a little something for everyone with the Colacao collection of 3D bmx racing games. They even have urban rollerblading and skateboarding games. The extreme rollerblading game is an interesting twist, but boasts the same 3D graphics as the Colacao Racing Quads. In the Colacao Skateboarding game, you get to choose your skater and you win extra points for pulling epic stunts and aerial grabs of floating points. And as with all Colacao extreme sport 3D racing games, the clock is always ticking!

If you're a racing fanatic, give Colacao's Racing Quads a shot. Put your gloves on, strap on your virtual helmet and GO!

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