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Motocross Mountain Madness Game Review

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Motocross Mountain MadnessAre you bored of getting hooked into the usual motocross racing games online? Tired of the same old motocross racing that you crave for something new and out of the ordinary? If that's the case then there's a fairly new kind of flash game in town called the Motocross Mountain Madness and if you wanna know more about it then you might as well read some more and know that this is the one you're looking for.

The Overview Of The Motocross Mountain Madness Game

The Motocross Mountain Madness game is a kind of flash game that is included in the moto games gaming group. Prepare yourself for a new kind of racing that will surely leave you breathless. Show you motorbike skills and ride your way to the top of the competition while racing with the other motocross riders. The standard rule applies where in you have to beat your competition to the finish. Find your way through all the grueling levels and balance your ride perfectly. Try to avoid bumping your head on the ground or you might have to lose a turn and start the level again.

The Review Of This Motocross Game

Now let's look over on some important areas of this awesome game and evaluate them:

1. Controls of the game - The Motocross Mountain Madness is played with the use of the standard PC keyboard and mouse: Left (lean to the back); Right (lean to the front); Up (ride upfront); Down (brake or ride backward). All these are patterned from the usual format of controls that is often used in all of the computer racing games.As mentioned, you have to avoid bumping your head to the road in order to proceed to the next track.Moreover, faster bike models will be unlocked for you to use as the game progresses so look for the one that will really compliment your riding style.

2. The game's difficulty - Sure enough, this game is above average in terms of the difficulty. It's kind of complex compared to other motor racing games because of the added pressure being provided by your opponents. You will know be inclined to reach the finish line before them or you will be stuck at the current level and have to do the race again. Balancing skills as well as great use of hand-eye coordination is important so that you will be able to finish the game with ease. Since this game is that easy to play, this is suitable for children ages 10 to 15 years old.

3. Graphics used in the game - The graphics being utilized are quite advanced for a flash game, adding a kind of appeal that surely children will keep coming back for more action. The characters and the background of the game is created in detail so that the gamers can easily imagine the idea as if they are physically inside the race level.


The final rating for this Motocross Mountain Madness game is an astounding 9 of 10. So it's better to play this game today get into the extreme experience of your life.

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