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Snow Riders Game Review

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Upipe Skateboarding GameAre you in the mood for some snow mobile action today? Care to take off your chills and get into the heat of the moment? Then it's about time you should try this game called the Snow Riders game. And in this article, we are going to make an in depth review of the said game so that avid flash gamers like you will get to have the feel of the game before getting into the real action.

Snow Riders Overview

The objective of the game is to ride the snow mobile and glide your way through the blistering cold. Race you way in extreme fashion by pulling off daring stunts while going through the grueling snow tracks that is featured in every level. Complete all the levels of this game and become a master of the snow mobile that only a few people can pull off.


Snow Riders Review

1. Gaming controls - The primary controls that are being used in this game are the mouse and the arrow keys on the keyboard: Up (drive forward); Right (turn right); Left (turn left); Down (brake/drive backwards); 'X' key to fire the fireballs. The controls being provided are patterned from the standard format of controls that are commonly used in most racing games. You are given infinite tries to finish the race in every level. Just make sure that you accomplish the objective that is posted in your mission or otherwise you will the race and have to repeat again from the very beginning.

2. Gaming concept - What makes this game more inviting to gamers is the theme being used and that is snow mobile racing. Playing this game will somehow give an opportunity to players located in tropical areas to get the feel of racing in the snow. Aside from that, the racing game is not one dimensional since it introduce different kinds of objectives in every level. The game is quite difficult in the sense that the controller has to be mastered first in order to win a certain race in the game. And though there's a bit of complexity in the controls, the game is still a much recommended game to play since it involves a lot of action and explosions.

3. Graphics and design - Awesome 3D display meets the superb gaming theme. A perfect combination for inviting gamers and getting them hooked. The mission based levels also make a great formula in making the Snow Riders one of the sought after games in the recent years. This game really deserves a second version!


Since there is some setbacks in terms of the controls being used, the overall rating for the Snow Riders game is 9 out of 10. So why won't you try this game today and enjoy.

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