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The Box10 ATV 5 Game Review

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Box10 ATV 5Can't get enough of that ATV racing fever? Are you craving for something that will truly satisfy your extreme racing pleasure? Then you should play this recent version of the Box10 ATV game called the Box10 ATV 5 game and see what you got. Stick around co'z we are going to look into this game and check out the things it has to offer to all of the flash gamers out there. We are also going to make a review of the said game so to give us an idea of what it is before sharing this to your fellow gamers and race to the finish line.

Overview Of The Game

The Box10 ATV 5 game is the latest installment of the successful Box10 ATV gaming series. ATV racing enthusiast will once again have the time of their live as they go through the thrill of the chase in this recent Box10 ATV racing series. The game follows the same format like those being used in the previous series. You as the player will have to race your way to each of the grueling dessert and off-road tracks and finish the race with the shortest time possible. The lesser time you will consume racing, the more point you will be gaining. So pull off your best driving skills, and go through each track whether it's sunny or raining. A life bar will still be shown on the screen like in the previous series. This feature will tell you if you have acquired any injury from any bumps or fall you have made at any point of the game. Make sure to keep yourself alive, or you might risk of losing a turn and have to race the track all over again.


The Review Of The Box10 ATV 5 Game

1. Gaming controls - The control format is followed from the standard controls being used in any racing games on the internet. Specifically, the mouse and the arrow keys are used as the main controls: Mouse (in-between level and menu page interaction); Up (drive upfront); Left (lean back); Right (lean to the front); Down (brake or drive backwards). Basically, the controls are used to balance the ATV vehicle. It's up to you to pull off any stunts to make the game a little more interesting. As usual, you have one life in this game and you are free to try racing again if you lose a turn.

2. Concept - Like most ATV games, the intended players for this game are within the 10-15 year old range. But younger kids are also welcome to try this game and race at their own risk. Basically, this game is for everyone to enjoy so that they can have a feel of what it's like driving a cool ride like an all terrain vehicle. The level of difficulty for this game is above average. So expect to fail a lot of time before mastering the driving techniques of this game.

3. Graphics of the game - The game display still features the typical CGI and real life background pictures. This is truly a trademark of this game that contributes to the winning formula that captures the imagination of many flash gaming players. The developers should keep this up if they will consider making a 6th version of this game.

Overall Rating

The Box10 ATV 5 game deserves to get a perfect 10 since all the main areas of the game are created to perfection. Try this game today and appease your cravings for extreme racing. Have fun playing!

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